Started in 2003, the BCI Asia Awards has successfully placed itself among the most sought after awards for the Asian building and design industry. Held in seven Asian territories—Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam—the BCI Asia Awards recognises developer and architecture firms with the highest value portfolios of projects during the last full calendar year.

For more than a decade, through the Awards, BCI Asia has identified top companies that have shaped the built environment in Asia to the dynamic landscape we have today. We continue to recognise these leaders for their significant contribution and impact on the environment of tomorrow.



The Top Ten Architects / Developers are identified as the firms with the greatest aggregate value of projects under construction during the last full calendar year by the extent of their sustainability and confirmed Green building ratings. For Top Ten Architects, projects from the pre-tender stages are included in the criteria to recognise early-stage Green design efforts.
Apart from that, industrial, office and hotel projects will also receive a higher rating by BCI Asia. The effect of the weighting is that firms with these portfolio of projects will have higher odds to make in to the Top Ten Awards.